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Monday, August 04, 2008

JMO4Rep Update - Primary Election 08 Edition

Friends, Contituents, and Allies,

I hope you have come through the summer heat and storms in good shape!

The primary election season has also been full of heat and storms. It has saddened me to hear unfair attacks - like the current TV ad blaming Barack Obama for high gas prices. (Say what? How could that be Obama's fault?) I hope we will see more fairness and less spinning of facts as we approach the November general elections (and I also hope we'll demand that together).

This issue of my update will include a reminder to vote for/support candidates that I have endorsed, back-to-school wish lists, and some community announcements. As always, if these notices are not helpful to you, remember that I will remove you from the list if you will simply send an e-mail request saying "remove."

Don't Forget to Vote on Aug. 5

Candidates with contested primaries whom I have endorsed (and their websites with contact information) are:

Sam Page for Lt. Governor -
Margaret Donnelly for Attorney General -
Robin Wright-Jones for Senate 5 -
James Trout for Senate 15 -
Stacey Newman for House 73 -
Jeanne Kirkton for House 91 -
Cara Jensen for 8th Ward Committeewoman -

Of course I also hope to have your vote as state representative from the 59th if you live in my district. (I am unopposed on the Democratic ballot.) I would be honored to have your vote of confidence.

You also may want to be aware of Proposition Y, a $275 million revenue bond issue, on the St. Louis City ballot:

Ballot Language - To comply with federal and state clean water requirements, shall The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) issue its sewer system revenue bonds in the amount of Two Hundred Seventy-Five Million Dollars ($275,000,000) for the purpose of designing, constructing, improving, renovating, repairing, replacing and equipping new and existing MSD sewer facilities and system, including sewer disposal and treatment plants, sanitary and combined sanitary and stormwater sewers, and acquisition of easements and real property related thereto, the cost of operation and maintenance of said sewer system and the principal of and interest on said revenue bonds to be payable solely from the revenues derived by MSD from the operation of its sanitary sewer system, including all future extensions and improvements thereto?

Surrounding Our Schools with Care - Wish Lists Are Coming In

The new school year is just around the corner. I will be kicking off the second year of my Surrounding Our Schools with Care initiative (SOS Care) in August. One part of the process is to share wish lists from schools in the 59th district. Here are lists I have received so far.

>From Kottmeyer Big Picture School, 1530 S. Grand:
T-Shirts (school clubs and school spirit to help enhance a sense of belonging)
60 blazers for students to wear when they need to dress professionally
Funding for the Sistakeepers Program (support and leadership group for young women)
Laser printers (at least six needed)
Smartboards for every classroom (8)
100 - 3-ring binders with clear sheet protectors to create work portfolios
Colored construction paper
LCD projectors for each class (8)
Clear plastic sheet protectors
Bus tickets to get to internship sites
Books for Boys to Men program (character books, etc.)
Library books (fiction, nonfiction, reference)
Books on c.d. for auditory learners
Guest speakers (speak on a specific profession, education, motivational speaking)
Funding for culturally enriching field trips (symphony, theatre, fine dining, art museums, etc.)
Funding for team building activities (camping, ropes courses, etc.)
Learning Through Interest/Internship opportunities

>From Shenandoah Elementary School, 3412 Shenandoah:
Children’s books
Boys and girls underwear or socks (new - in sealed packages)

>From Roosevelt High School, 3230 Hartford:
Three-ring binders (three inch, white preferred)
Fans to come cheer at home football games
Community Task Force members

Please call me at 314-771-8882 for more information. In addition, you are welcome to support students from our community by donating to or volunteering at the August 16th Back to School Fair at Joint Neighborhood Ministry (JNM), 2911 McNair. Call Joan Hensley, JNM director, at 314-771-3987 for a list of needed items. The Franciscan Connection, 2903 Cherokee Street, is also collecting and distributing back to school
items. To volunteer, call Brother Doug or Brother Donald at 314-773-8485.

Making Sure Children with Disabilities Receive Needed Services

I have been asked to watch for stories of children with disabilities being denied occupational or physical therapy by the State of Missouri. If you know of such a case, please call me at 314-771-8882.

Community Announcements

>From Five Star Senior Center - Texas Hold-Em on Saturday August 9th Doors open at 6:00 p.m. game start at 7:00 p.m. $50.00 entry donation: Includes food, beer, & soda.

"5th Annual Summer Cool Down" on Wednesday August 13th, sponsored by Aramark, St Louis Metropolitan Police Department, Walgreen's & Care Improvements Plus. This is a day for the senior citizens of the area to get in out of the hot August sun and enjoy a cool down at the Five Star Senior Center. The day will start at 10:00 a.m. with bingo, 11:00 lunch, noon Music & Dancing. After lunch, fans that have been donated will be distributed to seniors who need them. Please join us for a day with our seniors as all special guests will be asked to serve our seniors their
meal. It's a great time to see some of Five Star's programs in operation.

For more information, contact Michael Howard, Five Star Executive Director, 314-664-1008.

National Night Out Event - Epiphany United Church of Christ will host a Community BBQ in honor of National Night Out on Tuesday, August 5. The menu is hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, veggie burgers, sides, and desserts. All are welcome regardless of ability to pay. For those able, a free will offering will be accepted, and canned goods will also be accepted for Joint Neighborhood Ministry, the food pantry in Epiphany's basement.