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Thursday, October 30, 2008

JMO4Rep Update - Information for Nov. 4 Election

Friends, Allies, and Contituents,

I know you're probably feeling campaign fatigue, but just like having a baby, some processes shouldn't be rushed. Many of our friends and neighbors wait until the last minute to decide how they are going to vote. The materials that I reference below may help them. Share as you may find appropriate.

Vote for Change: Barack Obama for President
If you missed the 27 minute message broadcast last night, here's a link:

And if you haven't seen Ron Howard's very cute video featuring the 2008 versions of Opie and Andy Taylor and Richie Cunningham and the Fonz, see it here:

Never underestimate your potential to influence how your family, friends, and co-workers vote. Have you considered sending a personal endorsement for Obama to your address list? Let them know why you think he is the best choice and invite them to be in dialogue with you.

Also, see my commentary endorsing Obama/Biden at:

I also hope you'll watch this the Brave New Films video about the ACORN voter registration controversy and John McCain's attack on ACORN at:

Time to Recover from Blunt Trauma

The state is in a mess. Unemployment is up. Tuition costs are up. The number of uninsured Missourians is up. I believe the Democratic team of statewide candidates (Nixon, Zweifel, et al) can move Missouri forward on all these issues.

The key to victory? High turnout in the Democratic strongholds such as the St. Louis Region. On Saturday, Sunday, and again on Election Day, we need volunteers to take door-hangers to the homes of infrequent voters who lean Democratic. We also will have phone banks from Nov. 1-4. If you can help in either effort, please call Melissa at 314-225-2357 to sign up for a shift. Please tell her that I asked you to call.

Statewide Ballot Issues

Here's how I'm voting on the five statewide ballot issues:

Amendment 1 - No
Amendment 4 - Yes
Proposition A - No
Proposition B - Yes
Proposition C - Yes

For those who want to know more about these issues, I have a nine page briefing document (in Word format) that explains the details, including arguments for and against. Request it by replying to this e-mail or calling 314-771-8882.

The most difficult issue for me was Proposition A, because some of the economic arguments for the measure appeal to me. However, I have been so offended by what I see as deceit in the messages supporters are using that I cannot reward them with my Yes vote. For example, the mail I receive on Prop A frames this as a schools issue, when it's really about the gambling industry. One piece shared how many millions of dollars schools in "the greater St. Louis Region" would receive, without revealing that St. Louis Public Schools and the majority of St. Louis County school districts will receive ZERO funds from Prop A.

For a comparison of how Missouri school districts fare with Prop A, see:

St. Louis Public Schools are on page 12 (#115).

For more on controversy surrounding how Prop A is marketed, see:

What About the Judges?
The best information I've found is at:

Surrounding Our Schools with Care Update
Here's a great way to help a St. Louis area teacher provide the resources
she needs for her students:

Community Announcements
Thanks to those who came out for the Power to the Progressive People Progressive Party on Cherokee Street on Oct. 20. We raised about $4,800 for the Take Back the House effort. You can still give in these final days of the 2008 General Election season by going to:

Related to the Oct. 20 event, we celebrated 12 highlights from LGBT history in Missouri. Write me for a list (compiled by Philip Deitch), and you may also enjoy this link for a daily celebration during LGBT History month (October):

Don't forget the Stroganoff Dinner fundraiser at Epiphany UCC this Saturday, Nov. 1. It's at 2911 McNair in the Benton Park Neighborhood and will help Epiphany raise needed funds. The menu is Beef or Portabella Mushroom Stroganoff with Noodles, just like Grandma used to make, plus salad, dessert, and beverages. It's from 5:30-7 p.m., and the ticket is $8 for adults, $5 for children, and children under five eat for free.

There will be raffle items and door prizes as well - with fun items like Cardinals tickets or gift certificates to restaurants. RSVP to 314-772-0263 and specify whether you want beef or vegetarian so we'll be ready when you come.

Some upcoming dates to remember:

November 4 - Election Day (Go Vote and take five friends!)

November 16 - Transgender Day of Remembrance

December 1 - World AIDS Day