Jeanette Mott Oxford for State Representative 2010

Sunday, June 26, 2005

How JMO is spending her "summer vacation"

Friends and Supporters -

Some of you have asked, "What does a state legislator do during the part of the year when the Legislature is not in Session?" Here's a snapshot of some of the things I'm doing this summer:

- Attending meetings of neighborborhood associations and ward organizations to report on my work in Jefferson City and to invite constituents to share their ideas with me.

- Participating in the Shepard Accelerated School Task Force in order to strengthen the school's already strong track record of student success. We're building a partnership of area business owners, residents, communities of faith, neighborhood associations, etc. to see that the kindergartner through fifth graders at Shepard have the resources and attention they need to achieve their hopes and dreams. 2006 is Shepard's 100th anniversary!

- Volunteering at Joint Neighborhood Ministries, a food pantry at Epiphany United Church of Christ. This gives me a chance to see how new laws and policies impact on some of the most vulnerable families around us. I am very concerned about the Medicaid cuts, and I will try to document the real impact that this has on my constituents, friends, and neighbors.

- Appearing as a public speaker or panelist for groups as diverse as the National Organization of Women, the Stonewall Democrats, the University of Missouri Alumni Association, a newly forming St. Louis caucus of Persons Living With HIV, and the Women's Health Ministry of Centennial Christian Church.

- Offering some campaign support to my legislative colleague Barbara Fraser who is running for St. Louis County Council when she is term limited out of the House in 2006. She's intelligent, principled, hard-working, and solidly progressive! She would do a great job, and I hope you'll support her. Call 314-725-8683 to volunteer. Or send a check to Citizens for Barbara Fraser, Bob Elgin & Julian Hess, Treasurers, P.O. Box 50363, St. Louis, MO 63105.

- Researching issues with which I will be dealing in the 2006 Legislative Session and meeting with small groups of citizens and/or legislators to discuss some of these issues.

- Building the foundation for my 2006 bid for re-election. The Show Me Equality sponsored spaghetti dinner on June 11 for my campaign fund was a big success and a lot of fun. Thanks to all who helped!

- It's not all work and no play. I've read nine mysteries since May 16, and taken quite a few naps. My partner Dorothy and I are trying to see a movie every week, and we plan at least a four day "vacation" away from home sometime this summer. I've learned two new card games, one from my friend Anne and one from Dorothy, and I'm trying to work a few games in every week.

This week I am traveling to Atlanta for the National Gathering of the United Church of Christ (UCC) Coalition for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns and the 25th UCC General Synod where some interesting resolutions related to justice issues will be discussed.

And how are you spending your summer?