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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

JMO Update - August, 2005

Friends and Allies,

In this edition of the update, I'd like to ask for your help two ways:

1) For those in the St. Louis Region, please come out to the Medicaid Rally organized by Paraquad for Sunday, August 28, 3-5 p.m. at the Old Courthouse. (See the attached flyer.) I will be among the speakers. So many of our friends and neighbors are being hurt by the reckless actions of the GOP majority in the past Legislative Session regarding healthcare. Let's stand in solidarity with them as well as protecting a program that many of us may need in the future. Until we have universal healthcare, we must preserve and expand Medicaid.

2) As some of you know, Fred Lindecke and I were sued over the issue of the St. Louis County bonds for the new Cardinals ballpark. We have been dismissed from the original suit as inappropriate defendants, BUT we filed counterclaims because of important justice issues involved with the case. Especially at stake is whether wealthy corporate interests can simply get the courts to overturn a citizens petition initiative. 72% of County voters passed our initiative to create the right in the county charter to vote on tax dollars for professional sports projects. Our case is currently in the appeals phase, and we need to raise $6,000-8,000 in hard costs for the appeal and Supreme Court stages.

If you can help, please mail a check ASAP to:
Coalition Against Public Funding for Stadiums
P. O. Box 2142
St. Louis, MO 63158

Also I want to thank Tena Hart, Karl Hawkins, and Mavis Kennedy of the lawfirm of Kennedy and Hawkins, LLC. They have done tremendous work for us on a pro bono basis. I hope that you will ask them to help you with wills, trusts, estate planning, and all your legal needs if you do not already have an attorney. Call 314-845-0541 for an appointment.

Finally, send me some positive energy as I head into September's Special Session and Veto Session. I am on the Children and Families Committee that will be hearing the abortion-related legislation that Gov. Blunt will be moving forward. It will be a challenging situation, to say the least.

With thanks for all your support,